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About me

The official (stuffy) profile
Two decades of publishing, promotions, and advertising experience have shaped me into an expert editor equally at home with heavily technical content and wildly funny columns and blogs. I've written and edited for mainstream news media and medical and technical publishers such as WebMD and MC Press. For a recent project, a top-selling business book published by McGraw-Hill, I provided extensive writing and editing services, from proposal to page proofs. I hold bachelor’s degrees in English and in communications from Villanova University.

The less stuffy stuff
As a rule follower, I'm a bit compulsive about getting written communications right. But there's a side of me that appreciates voice — even if that voice requires me to break some rules of formality to convey personality, humor, or a compelling story. One client tells me I am the only editor he has found who hasn't "sucked the funny clean out of" his material. Truth be told, I love the diversity of working with marketing copy, financials, humor, and technical documentation in the space of a week.


My peeps and priorities
I am wife to a man of faith and mother to three sons, whom we have homeschooled. As a Christian, I exercise discernment over the projects I accept to keep my life and my witness in proper balance — so call or email with timing and parameters of your project and let's see if we're a fit!

Linda Singerle, Principal Editor

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