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Principal editor Linda Singerle heads To The Point with 28 years of experience in print publication, community news, advertising, corporate communications, and web publishing. She collaborates with a select network of skilled writers, editors, and designers to complete your work promptly and accurately.


A unique mashup of geek and grammar wonk, Linda specializes in medical and technical content. Early in her career, she turned in the second-highest score on the University of Chicago Press’s Astrophysical Journal copy editing test. Yes, you read that correctly — second highest. Somewhere out there is a geekier perfectionist, but good luck finding her!


A second area in which she shines is preservation of voice. Adeptly she fine-tunes the mechanics of writing (grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and style) without losing the author’s distinct voice. Funny, formal, fast-paced, meticulously detailed — whatever feel you're going for or whatever needs suit your project, she'll achieve it.

Styles used

To The Point uses all the prominent style guides: AP, Chicago, AMA, APA, and MLA. We also follow any proprietary style guide you supply (your in-house style) and add to it as needed.

Publisher or Client

Wells Fargo





Discovery Education


World Bank

Medical News, Inc.

Midrange Computing

MC Press

Wynn Solutions



Edited benefits messaging

Completed substantive edit

Indexed textbooks

Edited online series

Completed technical edit

Copy edited lesson plans

Proofread statistical data

Copy edited reports

Proofread medical news

Edited, proofread articles

Edited programming books

Wrote book proposal

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